How to Prepare APPSC Exam Group 1 2 4 2015 Easily Tips

How to Prepare APPSC Exam Group 1 2  4 2015 Easily Tips!

How to prepare Appsc Group 1 Exam Appsc Group 2 Exam, Group 3 Examination.

Just follow these simple tips its very easy to follow. source:

Accounting - the basic elements of
Accounting : According to the American Accounting Association .. '' Affairs , recognizing kolaci , by providing financial information to assist in decision making in the accounting process .
Book Keeping : Book -keeping .. An integral part of accounting . It was entered on the books of affairs , to manage them all.

That bookkeeping tasks :

    Affairs , to detect events .
    Identified transactions , the most commonly used scale to measure events .
    Identified , measurement of time, entering transactions on the books of account of their affiliates .
    Who entered the transactions , ledgers classifying events .

Accounting Benefits :

    Can be used to ensure that the profit or loss of the company for a financial year .
    You can find out the financial status of the company .
    The account books of the company can be run by the legal provision .
    Plans for the manufacture of business operations , is useful for decision making .

Accounting departments :

    Financial Accounting .
    Cost Accounting .
    Management Accounting .

Accounting concepts : an acceptable accounting functions include accounting concepts . They are: the business entity concept , the concept of a monetary unit , the cost of the concept , the concept of dynamic organization , the dual concept of the concept , the concept of charge .
Business transactions are recorded in two ways . They are .. Single entry system, double entry .
The single entry method : Registration Affairs unscientific , would be incomplete . I am in a relationship , instead of the two elements of sham only ( debit or credit ) is recorded .
Double entry method : This method was found to lukapasiyalo of Italy . Each transaction is a debit to the account , the account is a credit . This is the principle of double entry .

Accounts - Types :
Because the double entry system can be divided into three accounts . They are ..

    Personal accounts.
    Actual accounts .
    Nominal accounts.

Log : This is a book. Are entered into from time to time in their business affairs . Written list of all the affairs of the first . Hence it is referred to the first entry in the book .
Ledger ( ledger ) : accounting ledger for the second phase of the cycle . It is personal , real , nominal accounts and transactions relating to the writing of the book of accounts . Written list of all of the debit and credit items will be transferred to the accounts in the ledgers . This is the process of transferring the registration ledger . Ledger referred to in the final book .

Supporting the logs :
Bavitha business affairs , and depending on the nature of the different books written. Cittalantaru supporting this particular book . There are a variety of them . They are .. Purchase log , sales log , log vapasula buying , selling vapusula contributions , cash contributions , contributions collected okay , okay payment log , the log .

The bank reserves the coordination table
Business organizations are generally open to the following bank account for them . They are .. Preventing theft , misuse of funds to the employees see the impact of payments for evidence , outliers, those payments , they may be useful to collect accounts .
Over Draft : Sometimes , a company with more than the amount of storage needed in his bank account . Takes the form of a loan from a bank overdraft in such cases . In this situation, the organization of the bank is the lender . The company will pay interest on this loan . This collection of more than overdraft fees .

The end of the calculations :
At the end of the year .. His financial situation of the property, calculated at the end to learn how to make in terms of debt . Learning to learn the trade , significant account , the property , to determine the conditions of the property sheet , make sheet .

The profits or losses of the business of the results of the period of a year . Realize that it made ​​a significant account . What is the income of the table .

The end of the calculations of the benefits :

    Trading financial result ( gain ? Loss ? ) Revealed .
    Trading financial situation ( assets, liabilities ) is revealed.
    The liquidity of the business situation , financial stability can be determined.
    Used to calculate taxes .

The existence of a company and have a long talk he will enter into his affairs . The theory is the concept of dynamic organization . The assets of the company can be classified into two types . They are ..

    Assets ( buildings , machinery , furniture , etc.).
    Movable assets ( debtors , the freight charge, okay , etc.).

The gradual reduction in the value of the property is called depreciation . Is a decrease in the real estate . A decrease in the use of the term , therefore, not only in relation to the property .

Reasons for decline :
Post , erosion ; luptata ; physical forces ; timeline ; extractive .
There are a number of different techniques to form a decline in assets . However , a variety of industrial and commercial companies, the two most important methods generally require the use of a decline . They are ..

    Fixed installment method.
    Declining balance method.

Fixed installment method : In this method, the purchase of the property each year, a percentage of the value of the property rates or deducted from a sthiramottam . The calculation of the annual rates of decline in the purchase of property , depreciation of all years , the totals are consistent . So it is sthiravayidala method .

Declining balance method : In this method, a decline in rates in the first year is calculated as the purchase of property . The only decline in the rest of the property is determined by the underlying stock . This method is described in the reserves .

Consignment accounts :
Wholesale trader , manufacturers of goods , conveniently, decided to require the agent to be profitable . Representative .. Sent to the trader to sell merchandise , the Commission gets some of his contributions . Another area where the trader is located in an area with a representative of the Commission on the sale of his goods is sending Consignment . Consignment person that sends freight , cargo, for a person who is kansaini .Consignment policy is to sell goods by the agent business .
Commission : kansainar .. Commission paid for the reward of his goods amminandukuganu kansainiki . It is mainly of three types.

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